My book was not supposed to be available for purchase for another eight days, but I received notification that Emotionally Abstract is now live! I am really at a loss for how I feel right now, but I wanted to share the good news with everyone!

Places to buy Emotionally Abstract

*Directly from the publisher:

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I would recommend using the first link to purchase the book, but it is completely up to you!

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Pretty as a Picture.

Painting last night has sparked my creativity today. I have been working on my cousin’s birthday present. Being a starving artist I usually paint something for family for their birthdays since I have all the supplies already. I have done many Harry Potter themed pieces as well as puppies. Right now I am working on some princesses. Some people may see it as being cheap, but what they don’t realize is I put a lot of time and energy into each piece that I make. I love being able to give people something that is unique and most likely one of a kind. I am going to share some of the paintings I have done this year and last. I hope you enjoy them.

I made this piece for my grandmother’s birthday. It was one of my first ever attempts at drawing a dreamcatcher. 36333510_10209863951950515_519148614216318976_n

This piece was drawn for my daughter’s friend for her birthday. 36389752_10209863953870563_9070830651225145344_n

The next two pictures were part of a set that I drew for my daughter’s fifth grade teacher. She was a huge Harry Potter fan. 36396286_10209863947390401_7452152851406520320_n36317884_10209863955430602_7962294786059141120_n

This piece was done for my cousin Christian’s 10th birthday. 30232817_10209473630752729_444991257_o

This one was done for my cousin Samantha as a kinda early birthday present. 33875402_10209697617272252_4484792081545428992_nAfter seeing his brother’s picture my cousin Nick said he wanted a picture with dogs for his 9th birthday33823380_10209697617112248_3821976600824512512_n

The next two pictures are part of a set I am making for my cousin Abbi’s 7th birthday that is coming up in July. 36417403_10209863597941665_6424805942742745088_n36358756_10209863936670133_5595427361085456384_n

I love picking a theme and just seeing where my mind goes with it. I have contemplated doing commissioned pieces where someone gives me a general theme and I put something together for them. I am a little worried that people might not be happy with the end results. That is what has kept me from starting it. What do you think? Would it be a good idea or not? Leave me a comment below.


Yesterday was a bit of an emotional day. My van broke down while going to pick up my son from his summer mentoring program. It seems like the hose leading to the radiator cracked. It is times like those that make me wish I had gone into automotive repair in college. I had planned on writing a blog showcasing a couple independant writers I know, but with the vehicle issues I ended up having my mind occupied with other things. I will do my writer showcase this weekend instead. Today I want to focus on something different.

Drawing… I am good at drawing some things and then terrible at drawing others. I have tried to take lessons, but get easily discouraged because the instructions don’t make sense. Today my daughter wanted me to draw an anime character, but I could not do it. I was feeling upset and like a failure. I took the energy and decided to put together a couple different sample pieces for the painting parties I will be hosting for my book release.

I enjoy using mixed mediums in my work. Here are a couple of my anime themed pieces. I hope you enjoy them. If you have any comments, suggestions, or possible requests for future pieces leave me a comment below!

Small Business Recognition

I would like to take a couple minutes to recognize small business owners. Be it online stores, direct sales, or brick and mortar businesses. They are the backbone of America. I have decided to share a couple small businesses today, and possibly once a week, to try to raise awareness of these hard working people. Remember when you support small businesses you are helping an individual directly provide for their families. If you have a business that you would like to support feel free to leave a comment below with the link and a short description.

First I would like to share my own small business. I am a self-published author. I have one book, Emotionally Abstract, for sale currently, with two others coming soon. 

I also have merchandise made using the art from my book Emotionally Abstract that can be purchased here. My favorite items are by far the leggings. If you are addicted to leggings like I am you definitely want to check them out! 

Now that I am done tooting my own horn allow me to share some other amazing small business owners with you. 

The first business we have is Victorian Rose Photography.  Vici Davis is the photographer and here is what she has to say about what got her into photography, “I have always loved photography since I was a young child. When my son was born I needed something to help take care of my family and still allow me to take care of my son! So I turned my love in to a profession and I still love photography. It is my art. I pour my soul into every picture I take! I take pride in my work and I strive with every photo I take to be better on the next one. I love being able to help capture your memories, because when everything else is gone those photographs will always be there to help you remember a time that has slipped away!”

Next up we have Luv A Bug CrochetStephanie Woodward Cockerham is the owner and master crocheter here and says,  “I crochet anything and everything!” Check her page out to see some adorable and unique items. 

Britni Thornton is the owner of our third, and fourth, business. She has Britni’s Paparazzi and Britni’s Avon

The last small business for this week is Body Treats By Steph. Here you can find handcrafted beauty, cosmetic & personal care products. 

Please take a moment to visit each of these businesses and support them by either buying something or sharing them with your friends and family. Every little bit helps the small business owner more than you know. Let them know you found them through my blog.   Check back next week for another set of small businesses! 

New Days & New Adventures

Though things have been quiet on my blog, things have been busy behind the scenes. My first book, Emotionally Abstract, will be releasing on July 10th. I am excited about that. The book itself started out as an art diary to help me process emotions when I couldn’t find the words to describe how I felt. Since I am done with the final edits on it I have been able to look forward and begin working on the companion book for Emotionally Abstract, 52 Weeks of Inspiration. I have had many people tell me that they enjoyed looking through Emotionally Abstract, and would like to learn how to make their own art diary. The goal of 52 Weeks of Inspiration is to give the reader a general topic related to an emotion or situation and have them use their own creativity to bring the art to life.

I have put my fiction writing on the back burner for a little while until I can complete the three non-fiction works, but I am still rolling ideas around in my head to be able to get those done as well. I honestly cannot wait to get back to working on Whispers in the Woods. I miss working with Timothy, Destiny, and Catapult. Keep an eye out for more updates on any of my projects as I will try to do a better job of writing blogs!

Summer meadow

The old photos made her conscious of her age, of how much time had passed – and of what an interesting life she’d had. Forty years had passed since the tattered photo had been taken. It was from her wedding day. Her hair was no longer the sleek black it had been. The long waves were speckled with silvery wisps. The lines of her face showed many laughs had been had; along with many tears. Today was her anniversary, but instead of celebrating the many years of love and joy she’d had she was laying her husband to rest. He had died of a heart attack while tending the horses. A part of her soul died with him. She had known since she first laid eyes on that wiry boy many years ago that he was the one. They had build their lives from the ground up. Pouring their blood, sweat and tears into everything they had. Four children, seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren later it all seemed to be falling apart. She couldn’t remember a time Richard hadn’t been beside her. She wasn’t sure she would be able to continue on without the person that had become her anchor to this world. Bitter tears coursed down her sun kissed cheeks. A tiny hand wove itself into her and she opened her eyes. Staring up at her was the sweet angel like face of her youngest great-grandson. He spoke softly to her. “Nana don’t cry. As long as you have family you have Pawpaw here with you.” Those innocent words gave her strength to stand up straighter. She still had many things to do before her story was complete. When her book did end she knew her heart would be waiting.


Not all monsters live under your bed. Nor do they live in your closets. They don’t have scary faces, pointy teeth or wild eyes. Nope some of them look just like you. That is because they are you. You at your inner most being. I am not talking about being a deranged killer. I am saying that the biggest monsters we fear are creations of our own minds. They cloak themselves as the little voices that continuosly tell you that you are no good or just an utter failure. They are the invisible hand that holds you back in social situations. They are the darkness that completely devours your soul. On the outside you look completely normal. Maybe even happy. On the inside though there is a completely different story unfolding. A nonstop war between the light and dark. At times the light pulls ahead and life seems wonderful. Others the darkness is stronger and you don’t even want to try to escape from it’s pull. There is no little night light or security blanket to banish them away.