Abandoned doesn’t have to be a bad thing

Scrolling through my news feeds on Facebook a picture caught my eye. It was a metal box with a small cushion, maybe it was a pillow, inside. This picture was part of an article about new tools used by the Safe Haven project in Indiana. The first response that comes to most peoples minds I’m sure would be “That just makes it easier for irresponsible women to bail on being a mom.” Well yeah! That’s the point. We do not know what leads women to decide they cannot raise a baby, but I can without a doubt say I’d much rather she leave her baby somewhere safe; instead of starving alone somewhere, beaten, treated poorly because they caused a hardship they had no control over, or worse found dead by law enforcement.

Abandonment doesn’t always have to be considered bad. Remember those crazy dreams you had as a child to be a super hero-rockstar-actor? We all had them at least once growing up. Now some people go on to pursue those dreams, and the world appreciates each and every actor, musician, author, and real life super hero we have; but we can’t all be super famous. So those abandoned dreams lay the foundation to the lives we build. I can tell you I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was growing up. It wasn’t until I was much older and realized it isn’t all sunshine, furry snuggles and sloppy kisses that it hit me I would be a terrible veterinarian. My bleeding heart would never allow me to do some of the necessary parts of that job.   I once thought I would like to be a tattoo artist, but RA mixed in with random uncontrollable bouts of shaking would make that impossible.

If you have to abandon something don’t let it consume and control you. Use it as another block to build the you that is supposed to exist. Everything we go through is a learning experience, be it good or bad. Retrain your brain to look at life differently and I am pretty sure the bigger, and more beautiful, picture will begin to unfold in front of your eyes. Take the ugly out of the word abandoned.



3 thoughts on “Abandoned doesn’t have to be a bad thing

  1. Hi, I found this really interesting because due to a condition/disability I wasn’t able to be a teacher, which is the job I always dreamed of doing, and began piling up the qualifications to do it. But interviews went nowhere, the epilepsy got worse… etc…bad stuff… etc

    I’ve never thought of using such as strong word like ‘abandon’ to describe what’s happened to me career-wise, but this post has kind of showed me that I have to, that I have to really mean it, and that I have to make something positive out of it. You see, I think I’ve been holding on to that dream ‘just in case’.

    Thank you


    • I’m sorry you were unable to pursue your goal of becoming a teacher. I believe a lot of us unintentionally hold on to different dreams because they became a huge part of who we thought we were supposed to be. It feels like we are leaving a poece of ourselves behind. As a person that suffers from severe GAD, generalized anxitey disorder, my brain is a hoarder of all failures so I have to constantly remind myself that a failure, or abandonment of a certain goal doesn’t mean I will fail at all things. I believe this blog was to help remind myself as much as to show others a different perspective.

      Thank you for taking time to read my post and share your story with me. I am confident things will unfold magnificently for you as you move forward in life.

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