An Introduction… Possibly with rambling

Okay so first off my name is Kimberly. Nothing really special about me. I live in beautiful Southwest Virginia. As most people know it “Hokie Nation”, but I’m not a Hokie. I am a Hoo through and through. That’s probably because I’m stubborn and don’t like doing what everyone else around me is. I work retail and event security for a living. It’s not the greatest, but it’s not the worst either. Plus I’ve met some really great people doing both. I am a mother. My little heathens are my inspiration when it comes to writing.

I am pretty new to writing as I was always afraid of putting my words out for people to read. I have been diagnosed with GAD, or generalized anxitey disorder for thos that don’t know, so my brain takes every little thing and turns it into this huge over exaggerated thing. I’m hoping that I can use writing as a way to get all the things that are stuck in my head out in the open. So if you decide to stick around it may be a bumpy ride, but who knows maybe it will be worth it?!


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